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How to Adopt a Mustang From Jackalope Acres

Are you ready to adopt a mustang from Jackalope Acres programming? Follow the steps below to apply to adopt. A staff member will review your application and reach out to you. Please note that adoption fees will vary depending on the program from which you are adopting (i.e. Mustangs to Alaska vs Adopt an Oregon Mustang). Before proceeding through the steps below please CONTACT Jackalope Acres and express your interest in adoption, especially if you are interested in a particular animal already in one of our programs.

Step # 1: Prepare your facility for the unique needs of a mustang. Your facility will need to be prepared to accept a mustang before your application can be processed by the BLM or Jackalope Acres. 



Step # 2: Submit an application to the BLM to approve your facility. Please print and complete the following application. It is critical the drawing of the facility layout and a dated signature be completed or the application will not be processed. Once completed, the application should be mailed to: Burns Wild Horse Corrals (541) 573-2930 • 26755 Highway 20 West, Hines, OR 97738. Once you have received confirmation that your application has been processed and approved you can proceed to Step #3.

Step # 3:  Once the BLM has approved you to adopt you will need to complete a Jackalope Acres application for review. Use the form below to submit your information to Jackalope Acres. A staff member will reach out if needed during the review process and you will be informed of your applications approval or denial within 7-10 business days:

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Application to Adopt

Complete each step until reaching the confirmation page to submit your application: