Jackalope Acres is accepting submissions from artists for consignment in their ecommerce store. Jackalope Acres is updating and heavily marketing their site for 2021. Among other updates we will be unveiling a web based gallery of goods directed at mustang and other horse owners. 

Artists whos submissions are chosen will have a prototype displayed in our web store. Customers will be able to order the product online. Jackalope Acres will manage this online 'gallery', accept payments, and direct orders to the artists consigned on their site for order fulfillment. Goods will be consigned for 30% of retail before tax and shipping. Sales receipts will be reconciled with artists monthly. 

The Art

Jackalope Acres is seeking to offer goods directed at mustang and other horse owners as well as goods with a Santa Fe style. All goods should be handcrafted/ of original design in origin. Products for resale will not be accepted. Special emphasis will be given to products that are customizable and focused on mustang owners (such as customizable children's books or products that customers can have made with their mustangs brand on them). All media is being accepted but submissions must be shippable worldwide. A few examples of the sort of products being accepted in the call include:

  • photography of mustangs on the range

  • photography services of mustangs

  • tack, of all kinds, that can be customized with a mustangs brand or tag #

  • portraits of customers' horses (could be any media from oil, watercolor, pencil, pastel, to computer graphics, etc.)

  • hand carved/ wood burned stirrups customizable with mustang brands

  • hand sewn leather book bags or saddle bags with Pendleton style wool designs

  • coloring books or children's books with mustang theme

  • branded hat bands and pins

  • handmade hats/ clothing in a western/ Santa-Fe style

  • horse hair jewelry

  • hand woven saddle blankets in a Santa-Fe style

  • jewelry that can be customized with mustang brand or tag number

  • and much more...

The call to art is very open ended. All concepts for products that are mustang/ horse themed and Santa- Fe styled are being accepted. Goods must be replicable. One prototype will be photographed and listed. Products sent for order fulfillment must closely represent the prototype listed in the web gallery. 

How to Submit an Entry:

To submit an entry please email us at jackalopeacresalaska@gmail.com by December 1st. Include in your email body the concept for your entry in detail. Attach to the email 3 photographs of other works from your portfolio. Let us know how long it would take you to fulfill an order for shipping for each concept you present. If available include your website or social media artists page. Submissions are open to artists in the U.S. and Canada at this time.

Submissions will be reviewed, selected, and notified by December 7th and a written agreement between the artists and Jackalope Acres will be completed. For each accepted concept, artists will be required to complete a prototype, and ship to Jackalope Acres, for the website by January 1st. Artists will need to submit a photograph of themselves and a 3-4 sentence bio with their prototypes. Prototypes will be returned once photographed for the web gallery where return shipping is included by the artist.