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Rewilding the Planet 
Rediscovering the Human Spirit

Restoration of Wilderness

Ecology for the Conservation and

What is Rewilding?

re·​wild·​ing | \ (ˈ)rē-¦wī(-ə)l-diŋ

Rewilding is a reimagined approach to conservation biology that returns an ecosystem to an untamed state by increasing biodiversity and restoring ecological relationships between flora and fauna.


Rewilding Reintroduces
Keystone Species

A keystone species is an organism that plays a vital role in holding an ecosystem together. The absence of a keystone species damages ecological balance. Rewilding seeks to reintroduce these integral creatures in order to restore the cascading interactions between predator, prey, and their environment.

Rewilding Rebuilds

Habitats are homes. Ecosystems are neighborhoods. Rewilding seeks to rebuild habitats by increasing biodiversity and protecting nature's wild spaces.


Rewilding Protects
Wild Spaces

Rewilding looks past the potential benefit of resource extraction for a single generation. If the ecosystem health which supports our life support system, earth, is not protected than we will leave little of this world for our children and their children to come. 

Rewilding Restores
the Human Spirit

We believe the human spirit flourishes when we commune with nature. Rewilding strives to inspire an innate connection with nature so that we can rediscover the challenges presented by our modern world through the perspective that we are kindred to earth. 


"Rewilding has been a life changing experience."

"Once I arrived, it was hard to take it [the wilderness] all in. Over time it started to feel like home. It was long, hard, and worth it."

Anthony Chavez

2019 Veterans Program Alumni

Our Work


Restoring the Human Spirit through Rewilding

"Humanity is exalted not because we are so far above other living creatures, but because knowing them well elevates the very concept of life" - Edward O. Wilson, Biophilia


We believe that an innate human desire to be within nature is hardwired into our makeup. We restore people with this lost connection through expedition style programming in wild spaces around the world. 

Connecting People to Rewilding Projects around the World

We want want to make rewilding more accessible, allowing you to get involved by participating in rewilding efforts around the world. Sign up or login in order to learn more about getting involved with rewilding.


Exposing Environmental Injustices by Supporting Media

In conservation, public awareness is the most powerful tool available to combat iniquity. We provide financial support and a hosting platform for projects that expose injustices against nature and promote impactful science communication through film, photography, podcasts, or other digital media. Support us in these efforts by following, sharing, and donating today.

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Please Support
Our Work

Our vision is made possible by our individual donors and grant funding organizations. Without you, we would be unable to provide support, education, and do the work of rewilding. Thank you for supporting Jackalope Acres today.



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